Multiscale MD simulations to decipher the organization of the Mtb cell envelop

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (Mtb) is the main causative agent of the disease Tuberculosis (TB). These bacteria are distinguished by complex surface lipids which are also the building blocks of a very thick and tight envelope which constitute a diffusion barrier to drugs, thus contributing to Mtb persistence.

Unfortunately, despite its importance, our understanding on this complex cell envelope is rudimentary at best. Because of technical difficulties in getting a good (molecular-level) picture of these complex cell envelopes using biochemical and biophysical experiments, multiscale MD simulations should be able to provide an unprecedented in-depth understanding of the structure and dynamics of the different components constituting the Mtb cell envelop.

We are currently seeking a highly motivated student to pursue a PhD thesis supervised by Dr Wonpil Im (LeHigh University, Bethlehem, USA, ) and Dr. Matthieu Chavent (IPBS, Toulouse, France, )). The researcher will be hosted in Dr Im’s lab at Lehigh University and will regularly visit Dr Chavent in Toulouse. We are looking for a student as soon as possible.

Desired Qualifications
• Graduate training in biophysics, physical chemistry, or structural biology.
• Familiarity of Linux operating systems.
• Experience with molecular dynamics simulations.
• Experience with computational studies of biological systems at different scales (atomistic and/or coarse grained).

Required Application Materials to send to W. Im and M. Chavent by email

• Curriculum vitae
• List of two references

Emails: wonpil (at) , matthieu (dot) chavent (at)