About me

I am a CNRS researcher at the IPBS institute in Toulouse. I am using multiscale modeling and NMR experiments to understand lipids, membrane proteins and their interactions. I am especially interested in deciphering how lipids can modify the physical properties of membranes and the functions of membrane proteins. I am collaborating with experimentalists to understand the role of mycobacterial lipids in the immune response.

Previously, I was a postdoral research fellow at the University of Oxford, in the lab of Pr. Mark Sansom working on cell signalling and modeling membrane receptors at the cell surface [1,2]. I have modeled the aggregation of porins at the surface of large bacterial membrane patches [3].

Before, I was a postdoc researcher in the field of molecular visualization at the CEA (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives). I worked on GPU computing for modeling and visualization of huge molecular systems [4]. I have developed new molecular metaphors to better understand the dynamics of the evolution of molecular bonds and the representation of Coarse Grain models using hyperboloids [5]. I have also worked on molecular visualization using GPU capabilities.

Academic Research

March 2021-present CNRS research and head of the Multiscale Computational Immunology team at the IPBS, Toulouse, France. Using multiscale (Atomistic, Coarse-Grain and Mesoscale) Molecular Dynamics simulations to understand the host-pathogen interactions and the role of immune cells.

March 2017-February 2021 CNRS research in the Integrative Biological NMR team at the IPBS, Toulouse, France. Using multiscale (Atomistic, Coarse-Grain and Mesoscale) Molecular Dynamics simulations combined with NMR and biophysical assays to understand the host-pathogen interactions during Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.

November 2011-February 2017 Research associate position at the Structural Bioinformatics & Computational Biochemistry group at the University of Oxford, Oxford, UK. Modeling of cell signaling. Membrane proteins aggregation. I was funded by a Welcome Trust grant. I was using molecular visualization as well as high performance computing to better understand complex systems at cell surfaces. Supervisor: Pr. M. S.P. Sansom

February 2010-June 2011 Post-doc position at CEA, Arpajon, France. Visualisation of huge molecular systems (millions of atoms) applied to physics. High performance computing on hybrid clusters (CPUs/GPUs) for molecular dynamics simulations. Supervisor: Dr. J.P. Nominé

August 2009-January 2010 Post-doc position in CNRS laboratory: Laboratoire de Biochimie théorique. IBPC, Paris France. Visualisation of large macromolecular systems using GPU technology apply to structural biology. Interactive Molecular Dynamics simulations. Supervisor: Dr. M. Baaden

October 2005-January 2009 PhD Thesis: "Towards an interactive tool for the protein docking" in LORIA (Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications), UMR 7503, Nancy, France. Supervisors: Dr B. Maigret and Dr B. Levy